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The world’s finest wines,
from China
At Canaan Winery, we believe the excellence of the wines starts with the vineyards. From pruning, disbudding, leaf the work - carried out by hand, day after day - requires patience and craftsmanship. Each vine grower is entrusted with the plots that they safeguards with great care throughout the year.
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The state-of-the-art facilities and traditional winemaking methods infused here. It is a combination of human software and hardware, mastery of both the heart and the hands. The team of our nursery, vineyard management and winemaking work closely to ensure the vines thrive and reach perfect maturity. Each plot is harvested, fermented and crafted individually to ensure our wines to seal and convey the characteristics of the terroir.
The winemaking team, led by our Chief Winemaker Desheng Zhao, is striving to craft a world-class quality wine while respecting the unique style baptized by local micro-climate. The harmony, resided in the Chinese ancient philosophy is also our ultimate goal. This results in the inimitable style of our wines: the paradoxical co-existence of opulence and refreshness, accentured by finesse and elegance.